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Diastasis Recti


What is Diastasis Recti?

This is known as a separation of the rectus abdomius muscle. It is caused by a stretching of the fascial attachments surrounding the rectus sheath.  Its noticeable as a bulge in the midline of the abdominals when the trunk is flexed during pregnancy or on a normal person who nay have excessive abdominal fat. After birth this area presents as a gap in the rectus shealth. If the post natal client has substantial abdominal fat the diastatis may then present as a bluge due to the pressure of the underlying fat against the fascial sheath.  If the fascial sheet actually tears, surgery is then recommended.  




This is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby that is breach or other birthing complications.  A C-Section can cause a Diastasis Recti.






Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction


The bones of the pelvic area are joined in the front of the body by very strong ligaments that pull the joints together to form the pubic bone.  The bone is further cushioned by cartilage.  During pregnancy and childbirth these ligaments loosen and the bones separate slightly to allow for the passage of the baby thorugh the pelvic outlet. For most women this does not cause a problem.  For some, the degree of separation is enough to cause some problems mainly in the back and legs.  The inner thigh muscles are also compromised and will affect the ability to walk and exercise.


Sometimes a separation can occur during the pushing stage of delivery when undue stress is put on the pubic bone.  This is often times a result of pushing while in an inclined or back lying position which restricts the sacrum from "lifting". This in turn may cause the baby's head to press more on the pubic bone in an effort to open the pelvis.


What treatment should you seek?

  • Gentle manipulation of the area by an osteopath or chiropractor

  • See a physical therapist for exercises and manipulation

  • Strengthen the area with specific exercises


Please contact me if you suspect you might have one of these conditions and I can assist you with some healing exercises.

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