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Feedback from clients in my pilates classes since 2011

Pilates with Sue has helped me to recover strength and tone following a very challenging birth and first year of motherhood.  Sue is quick to analyse the reasons behind problems you may be experiencing and suggest exercises to help with their improvement.’


Lucille, Reading



During my 18 months of attending Sue's classes, my back has got stronger, my shoulder problem sorted, and I have a general feeling of well-being;  this being due I'm sure to Sue's lovely attitude towards us, and her care in listening to our individual problems.   I always look forward to our Thursday morning sessions, and am quite cross if I have to miss one.`


Sally, Emmer Green



I enjoy Sue's classes which are great fun and set me up for the day.  The Pilate exercises are gentle and make me concentrate on looking after my body without jumping about and coming out in a sweat!  I will miss the classes over the holidays.


Judith, Emmer Green



"I have had problems with the ligaments in my lower back since pregnancy 5 years ago and Sue's classes have managed to help relieve the symptoms of this problem.  Sue provides expert advice and individual support to meet your needs within a class environment.  The classes are small and very friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone interested in fun exercise. "


Sara, Emmer Green



I began taking Pilates classes with Sue after having my first baby and suffering a back injury three months after giving birth. I had never done pilates before but it was recommended to help me recover and build up my core muscles to prevent further injuries. Sue was excellent, very patient and hands on – something which is essential to ensure that you’re doing pilates correctly.


Pilates has definitely helped me with my back problems and improved my posture. Sue has a very friendly, down to earth approach and makes the classes lots of fun.


During my second pregnancy I continued to take pilates with Sue. She was extremely helpful and very kindly tailored the poses towards me and my condition. Despite mild sciatica early on, my pregnancy continued smoothly and I believe that pilates helped to keep this condition at bay.


If you’re looking to tone up, improve your posture and core muscles, whilst having fun with a refreshingly down to earth Pilates instructor, don’t hesitate, join one of Sue’s classes.


Susie, Twyford


I have been attending weekly pilates classes with Sue for just over a year, and although I lead a busy lifestyle, working long hours and driving long distances, I do my utmost to attend the late class at 8pm on a Wednesday.


This is because it has taught me to relax and unwind, while developing core strengths and toning exercises, giving me a new shape and outlook on my posture.


In January 2009, I had an accident on the ice, slipping down concrete steps and landing with the full force of not only my body weight, but a heavy suitcase on my back.


The result was a large haematoma (sac of blood) on my lower spine about the size of a golf ball and some severe bruising.  To start with, I could hardly walk and every step was agony!  However, on my doctors advice, I continued to attend pilates.  I cancelled my gym membership, but with Sue’s help, pilates has ensure that I quickly became mobile and have stayed in shape (in fact my waist size has improved !). 


9 months on, I still have a small bump, but any stiffness is easily rectified with the right exercises and stretches that I have learned. 


Sue’s classes are focussed and informative, but more importantly fun! And hopefully it won’t be long before I join Sue on a Tuesday at Combat !


Louise, Caversham

I have had neck and shoulder pain for 15 years which caused me headaches and constant aggravation, since a skiing accident. I have tried everything, physio, chiropractor and osteopath. Sue's Pilates class it is the only solution that has not just treated the pain, its got the route cause of the pain and I am now able to function as normal for the first time in years. I would highly recommend Sue's Pilates class, it not only keeps you fit but alleviates your neck shoulder and back pain.

Abigail - Caversham (2013)


Sue has been a loyal teacher to our Pilates Group. She has got to know us and our capabilities well and tailors her sessions so that we are all accommodated; injuries, operations, strains etc
Sue is excellent at thinking of new ways to tackle different exercises and varies routines to stretch our levels. She has given good advice on working round problems or targeting certain areas that need extra work. The lessons are always taken in an easy, relaxed manner with Sue giving individual attention to each person, absolutely essential to make sure we get the best from the course.


Hermione - Sonning (2013)


I have been attending Sue’s Pilates  classes for the past 2 years.  The classes give a good “workout” and attention is paid to all area’s of the body. It is good to be with people of different ages. Sue has a very relaxed and comfortable way of teaching and a good sense of humour. I always look forward to classes and am never disappointed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, without hesitation.


Ineke - Sonning (2013)


I have now been a member of Sue's pilates class for over 4 years and I have to say I have enjoyed every one of them.  I am now well into my 70's and Sue never fails to notice if I struggle with some of the moves and shows me an alternative way of doing what everyone else is doing. We have a lively class and I feel really well at the end of each class and the very next day I can also feel exactly which parts of my body we have been working on.  And I also enjoy the peaceful music and I specially love the gongs!  Great.


Valerie - Sonning (2013)


"I have suffered from sacroiliac joint pain since my first pregnancy and, despite care from a physiotherapist and a chiropractor, was unable to exercise or walk far without pain. I did not find Sue's classes until I was pregnant again with my second baby and after just a few classes, I was pain free and have remained so throughout this pregnancy. I plan to start classes again 6 weeks after this baby arrives and can't wait to recover full fitness, strength and tone - I consider Sue's classes to be my miracle cure. Sue herself is brilliant; she takes care that you are correctly positioned and that the exercises are tailored to your needs but she is also a great laugh - I really look forward to Wednesday night's class every week."

Tamsin - (38 wks pregnant) 2013


I have been attending Sue’s pilates class for several years.  I like the benefits that her small classes offer. Sue carefully watches and is able to give one to one  instruction to use the body correctly to gain full benefit from the exercise.  (And she always takes individual needs into account)  I hate gyms and exercise and do not have positive memories of sport/exercise at school, I feel intimated and inadequate when partaking in such activity, but in Sue’s class I am able to feel confident and successful.  Her manner is caring,  gentle, encouraging and considerate.  The classes have taught me to breath properly, helped with asthma and I was overjoyed when I was able to inflate a balloon for the first time ever at 42 and am still able to do so!   Due to work commitments I was not able to attend for a while and my tummy was the one part of my body to suffer.  I have been attending again for a while and guess what my tummy is flattening again.  Sue’s advice on how to stand has really made a difference too.  Sue really is a people person, who remembers discussions and someone who  really cares about her students. 


Tracy - Charvil (2013)


After suffering from backache almost daily, I decided to try Pilates and started attending Sue’s weekly class. Two years later, not only is the backache a distant memory, but my posture and flexibility have also dramatically improved (I can now touch my toes!). Sue is very friendly and accommodating and the classes never fail to make me feel calmer and more relaxed. I will miss going to Sue’s classes when I’m away at University, but plan to come back in the holidays when I can!


Jess - Caversham (Sept 2014)


I have been attending one of Sue’s Pilates classes for the past two years. I am 64 years old and have osteoporosis. Sue is very good at taking into account individuals injuries and health problems, ensuring exercises are tailored to our individual needs. I particularly like the way Sue is hands on and makes sure we are correctly positioned, at the same time the classes are fun and friendly.

Annie, Caversham Park Village (Sept 2014)

Sue has been my Pilates teacher at our gym for about 5 years. She has excellent teaching skills, a very good knowledge of medical issues and how to tailor exercises to suit those in the class with such issues, and a very warm and inclusive personality. Since lockdown I have been attending her Zoom classes. I wasn’t sure how this would work but in many respects it is better than live classes. I have a much better view of Sue than I used to have from the back of the class, and Sue’s personality and warmth shine through despite the technology and make the classes very enjoyable. Roger ( June 2020)

Sue is an excellent Pilates instructor - giving clear instructions and demonstrations. She is always observant of her students’ movements and corrects when necessary.  Sue has a lively and cheerful personality and Is an effective communicator.  At the start of the COVID 19 crisis she quickly and effectively set up all her classes on Zoom.   The classes have proved to be very popular.  Highly recommended.
Pauline (June 2020)

‘I have some back problems and also have been diagnosed relatively recently with osteoporosis. Pilates with Sue has been a great help to me and has made me a lot stronger and fitter.  I feel confident that Sue is knowledgeable about my condition and sets appropriate exercises. The Zoom sessions with Sue are well managed. I can see and hear her clearly and she is able to give people personal attention just as if we were all in a room together’.  Susie (June 2020)

I have been attending Sue’s Pilates classes for several years now and find them enjoyable as well as beneficial to my health and fitness. The classes are always tailored to suit people of all abilities and no one is ever made to feel they have to compete with others in the class. I never cease to be amazed as to how Sue always remembers everyone’s name and any injuries or limitations they may have. She is always very particular in making sure we are in the right positions and will always correct us should it be necessary.
And lastly I love Sues classes because she is so down to earth, is genuinely interested in helping people through her Pilates classes and she has a great sense of humour!

Julia (June 2020)

“Golf Stretch is great! I am no taller but I’m a lot bendier. Sue makes sure every exercise is appropriate for the individual and they really help with coordination and protection from injury. The classes are a lot of fun ” Matthew (August 2023)


"I attend the Golf Stretch class because Sue's instruction is safe and enjoyable. Sue is a very engaging instructor and checks on each attendee. I have a left shoulder issue and the class definitely helps with my shoulder mobility as well as providing a super golf stretch. The use of Gliders and sticks is very beneficial and different. The class time flies by! Minnie (August 2023)


A really great class, fun with lots of positive chat.  I've never been so close to my toes and gold is getting much better. Nic (August 2023)

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